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NO on Measure FF

Caroline Yunker
Saturday November 03, 2018 - 12:58:00 PM

Please cast a NO vote on Measure FF. A NO on Measure FF will stop funding of millions of dollars to clear-cut hundreds of thousands of healthy trees and turn these fire-abating trees into dried, flammable kindling in the East Bay Hills. David Maloney, Fire Prevention Chief, Oakland Army Base, “Dried grass provides the most flammable ground fuel,” and, “There‘s no if’s, and’s, or but’s… every single tree is a wildfire mitigation factor…. Trees block wind, drip fog onto grasses, and block sun so grasses stay moist.” 

A NO on Measure FF will stop the spraying of poisonous herbicides to tree stumps. Families and pets living nearby or hiking the park trails will be exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup or Dow Chemical’s Triclopry, both linked to cancer. Multitudes of animals depend on trees for habitat, food, and protection will be injured or killed.  

A NO on Measure FF will help mitigate climate change. An article dated 10/5/2018 from Mother Jones states: ‘Science Says Saving the Planet Could Really Be as Simple as Saving Trees.” Furthermore, FEMA calculated that the clearcutting of over 400,000 trees in the San Francisco East Bay will release 17,495 metric tons of greenhouse gasses. And that is on top of the loss of annual carbon sequestration. 

Do not fund the destruction of our majestic and beautiful trees. Save our trees, animals, plants, humans, and pets by voting NO on Measure FF. 

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