Candidates are Public Education Time Bombs

Glen Kohler
Sunday November 04, 2018 - 11:17:00 AM

Tuesday’s election will either arm or defuse two public-education time bombs.

Reports of charter school failures are too serious and numerous to ignore. The partial list below gives some idea, and a search on the Internet turns up many more. When charter schools fail, childrens’ futures and our society at large suffers. Badly.

Two candidate in Tuesday’s election will work for public education; their opponents favor charter schools. Giving public funds to the privately-owned charter school ‘experiment’ is like giving the scalpel to Dr. Frankenstein so he can operate on your children.

Tony Thurmond is running for California’s Superintendent of Schools. Tony has been the California State Assemblyman in the 15th District. He is committed to increase support of public schools. His well-funded opponent, Marshall Tuck, is favored by charter school advocates determined to siphon public tax monies for privately-owned charter schools.

In the 15th District itself, Jovanka Beckles, former Richmond City Councilwoman and CoCo County social worker, also wants to shore up public education. Her opponent Buffy Wicks, whose campaign millions come almost exclusively by out-of-area P.A.C.’s. touts her aim of exerting ‘… increased accountability’ upon charter schools as the fix. 

The candidates’ positions are clear: Thurmond and Beckles for public education, Marshall and Wicks for charter schools. 

From a Google search on ‘charter school failure’: 

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