War Crimes in Yemen

Jagjit Singh
Wednesday November 07, 2018 - 09:22:00 PM

The United Nations and a growing number of countries in the world are calling for an immediate ceasefire in war torn Yemen. 

Oxfam and other agencies are calling on the United States and European countries to end their support for the Saudi coalition. More and more Americans are reacting to the “gut-wrenching” images of starving Yemeni children 

The airports and seaports have been devastated by Saudi-US bombing and the economic collapse have pushed food prices beyond the reach for most Yeminis intensifying hunger and famine. 

Images of young children reduced to flesh and bones have amplified demands for an immediate end to US and European weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates. 

US bomb fragments have littered the Yemeni landscape intensifying anger towards the US. 

Civilian deaths have been grossly understated to minimize opposition of arms sales. A comprehensive study conducted by the Fletcher School of International Diplomacy at Tufts University reveal the actual deaths to be about 80,000. Food supplies have been deliberately targeted intensifying shortages. The Saudis are also trying to close the port through which many supplies enter the country. The U.S. supplies the intelligence for the Saudi Air Force, which is carrying out massive atrocities making us complicit in Saudi war crimes.