Public Comment

Wake Up America

Romila Khanna
Saturday January 19, 2019 - 10:24:00 AM

President Trump is trying his best to convince his supporters that he will fulfill his promise to build the wall to stop the entry of illegal persons to America through the southern border. Who will pay to build this wall? Is this the way to make America great again?  

Little children who have not developed critical thinking can insist on their demands which can hurt other children in the family or in their classroom in their school. They will cry and demand what they want. In order to calm the child, the parents or teachers take time to understand the request and explain why it is not reasonable, but they don’t give the child what he or she wants. 

I think it is a critical time for the intelligent cabinet members to educate the President, and explain that his border security wall idea has many loopholes. Just building the wall is an imagined security. Our Immigration policies, our cameras, technology, our national census all impact the people who have or want to come to America. In my view, the most important step is to improve the current policies and operation of the immigration system. People who are already here illegally should be screened well enough to know whether they are creating any security issues. If they are really a national security threat, then they should be deported. Otherwise we need to treat them like humans. 

During the Democratic Presidency, the Republican congress blocked numerous critical issues that would have helped the general public. These issues included Health, Education, Climate Change Management, and scientific research. Now when the Republicans lost the majority in the congress, they are creating barriers for the right legislation to reach the President’s desk for his signature to make it the law. 

It seems very unreasonable to demand the billions for his wall, by shutting down the Federal government and hurting the workers and families across the country. 

Wake up people! America is becoming “Great” again. Poor and low income people are working at the entry level jobs. Many people have lost jobs as some companies have laid them off by downsizing. 

In my view people have been cheated by honey-coated words. It is a war between rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans.  

Can the citizens wake up and demand that the president be a kind, caring and good decision maker for the benefit of all citizens?