Public Comment

After the Cluster-debates

Bruce Joffe
Friday June 28, 2019 - 04:42:00 PM

Beyond rhetorical zingers, there is a critical need for thoughtful, compassionate, courageous, honest, responsible leaders to regain the cockpit and reverse our country's descent into an abyss of disrespect, irrationality, incompetence, and corruption. Many candidates have the good will to do so. A few have well-thought plans for doing so. Some have the experience of actually getting positive changes done in Washington. Some have a life history that commits their soul to improving a middle-class economy for working people. Some have the fire to burn Donald trump. All candidates have some of these qualifications. Elizabeth Warren has all of them. 

She is real. She is qualified. And, she is natural enough to crack a smile while discussing important issues. She'll listen to you and then say something resonant from her own life. We need Warren to disinfect our government from the rotten stench of liars, cheaters, criminals, traitors and thieves.