ICE Raids Threatened for Sunday

Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Friday July 12, 2019 - 11:21:00 AM

I’m hearing reports that ICE is targeting at least 2,000 families across the country on Sunday, including right here in San Francisco. The most important thing to remember is: be prepared and know your rights. 

If one of Trump’s ICE agents comes banging on your door, stay calm and know that you do not have to open it. Do not answer any questions. Demand they provide you with a search and arrest warrant. Do not sign anything they give you. Ask for a lawyer or an interpreter if you need one. 

Trump is playing games with human lives. Since Day One, he has targeted and persecuted immigrant communities. These outrageously dangerous ICE raids are just scare tactics to terrorize our communities and rip families apart — but we must be stronger. 

California has always been a beacon of hope. For an America in turmoil, California is on the frontlines of progress. We have the power to stop Trump and fight to ensure that everyone across the country is safe from his xenophobic attacks. 

As long as Trump sits in the White House, millions of lives remain at risk. We have to stop him.