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BREAD helped in a pinch

Jovida Ross Berkeley
Tuesday January 15, 2002


I recently became a casualty of the current recession and lost half of my income. Without BREAD hours, I would not have been able to pay for a repair of my leaky roof. I’m happy to say that my house is now warmer and drier because of BREAD. I am disappointed that your article (Jan. 14 “BREAD criticized for diverting tax dollars) focused on an imaginary weakness of the local currency rather than highlighting the many positive contributions that BREAD makes to our community. 

Using BREAD Hours is the taxable equivalent of using federal cash. I’m sure your paper would not print an article examining the ways that U.S. dollars allow for tax evasion. Far more newsworthy is the fact that BREAD Hours are an important resource for local residents and businesses, allowing us to pay for needed goods and services in a way that supports one another. 

BREAD helps to create a resilient economy that is less vulnerable to shifts in the national and multinational arena, reinvesting in the local community rather than draining resources into large corporations.  

I hope your readers ignore the inflammatory overtones of your article and discover how helpful and easy to use BREAD Hours really are. 


Jovida Ross