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Calling all poets!

– Guy Poole
Tuesday January 15, 2002

The call is out for poems about Searching, the theme of the 76th Poets’ Dinner contest. Other poem categories are Beginnings and Endings, Humor, Nature, Love, Spaces and Places, People, and Poets’ Choice. 

Poems must be original, unpublished, in English, and not previous prize or honorable mention winners. Maximum 40 lines each poem, and the maximum entry is three; one poem per category.  

There is no entry fee and the contest is open to all entries with a Jan. 16 postmark deadline. 

Entries must be typed on 8 1/2-by-11- inch sheet of paper, one side only, with the chosen category shown in the upper- right-hand corner of each page.  

Send without author’s name. Mail three copies of each entry to Joyce Odam, 2432 48th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95882.  

The Poets’ Dinner will announce winners on March 16 at the Holiday Inn, Emeryville. For more information call 841-1217.