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Willard Rat Poisoning Off for Now, By: Riya Bhattacharjee

Tuesday March 14, 2006

Jim Hynes, assistant to the city manager, has told the Daily Planet that the city is not considering baiting the rats in Willard Park at this moment. “We have an integrated pest control policy according to which we have to look at the least toxic way of getting rid of the rats,” he said. Presently the city is only setting traps to catch the rodents at Willard Park. 

The city was able to trap up to 11 rats on its first attempt and the number went down to three the next day. “This is a positive sign. Therefore, we have decided to continue with trapping, as the situation is not that extreme.” 

Hynes also said that the matter would hopefully be under control within the next week. The team which is in charge of the inspection at Willard Park will reconvene there on Thursday to analyze the work done and decide on future action..