Police Blotter, By: Richard Brenneman By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Tuesday March 14, 2006

More kidnap info 

Police have released more information on last Wednesday’s kidnap of a woman near the corner of Atherton Street and Channing Way. 

Berkeley police spokesperson Officer Ed Galvan confirmed a report received by the Daily Planet that in addition to the Berkeley woman who was driving the car commandeered by the kidnapper, the vehicle was also occupied by two children. 

“We always conceal some details,” said the officer. 

The woman was approached by a gunman outside the UC Berkeley Child Study Center at 2425 Atherton about 6 p.m. after she had just secured two children she had picked up into their seat belts. 

He then forced the woman to drive at gunpoint to a location near the freeway in Albany, where he robbed her, then forced her to drive him back to People’s Park, not far from the scene of the original abduction. 

Neither the woman, a caregiver, nor the children were injured. 

Galvan said a sketch of the suspect will be ready for release perhaps as early as this afternoon (Tuesday). 


Round Table robbers 

Police arrested two teenagers Thursday after they allegedly robbed another teen of her purse at the 2017 University Ave. Round Table Pizza just before 12:15 p.m. 

Officer Galvan said the suspects were booked on suspicion of robbery and sexual battery (groping). A third suspect has been identified, he said. 


Road rage attack 

Police are looking for the Mercedes driver who vented his road rage by attacking an 18-year-old Oakland woman’s car with a baseball bat after she had stopped in front of Ashby Lumber. 

A 911 caller alerted the Highway Patrol—911 cell phone calls go to the CHP; cell callers who want Berkeley emergency dispatchers should call 981-5911—and officers arrived to find the woman shaken but not in need of hospitalization. 

The Mercedes had fled the scene before they arrived, said Officer Galvan. 

The woman and the driver of the Mercedes had been involved in an incident on Interstate 80 as both cars had been headed westbound toward the Bay Bridge. 

After the incident, the woman took the Ashby Avenue exit, and the driver of the other car followed, launching his attack after the woman had stopped in front of the lumber store at Ashby and Seventh Street.