Tuesday March 06, 2007

The membership of the City of Oakland Blue Ribbon Affordable Housing Commission that appeared in the Feb. 20 Planet story “Oakland’s Inclusionary Housing Commission Under Fire” had a number of errors. 

Katherine Kasch was listed twice, once as a De La Fuente appointee, and again as a Dellums appointee (misspelled as Catherine Cash). She is a Dellums appointee. Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente’s appointee is Gregory McConnell, who heads up the real estate developers group the Better Housing Coalition. Councilmember Nancy Nadel’s appointee’s name was misspelled. His name is Michael Rawson. 


In the March 2 story “Local Booksellers Cheer Barnes & Noble’s Demise,” quotes attributed to Pegasus Books store owner Amy Thomas should have been attributed to Pegasus Books (Shattuck Avenue) store manager Tim Rogers.