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Quake Tip of the Week

By Larry Guillot
Friday May 18, 2007

Nightmare On Elm Street? 


Even though Halloween is months away, let’s consider some things that make for a scary house: 

• It was built before 1989 and you’re not sure about the retrofit 

• You’re not home 24/7, but you don’t have an automatic gas shut-off valve 

• The heavy furniture, wall hangings, and appliances haven’t been secured 

• There isn’t enough food, water, and emergency supplies to last a week 

• You’re not sure about the safest place to be in each room during a serious quake 

Don’t get overwhelmed, folks, just decide to do something about your family’s and your home’s safety—one step at a time. 



Larry Guillot is owner of QuakePrepare, an earthquake consulting, securing, and kit supply service. Call him at 558-3299, or visit www.quakeprepare.com.