Column: Undercurrents: Thinking of War with Iran While at War in Iraq

By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
Friday May 18, 2007

Figuring out the motives and actions of a wartime President while those actions are taking place is always difficult because, after all, one of the key elements of the successful prosecution of a war is deceiving the enemy, and you cannot very well do that while honestly explaining your true plans and intentions to your own people. Wish it weren’t so, friends, but that seems to be a fact. And for democracies, which bill themselves as being based on an informed public, it is a contradiction that will never be fully resolved. -more-

East Bay Then and Now: Captain Slater’s House Is an Early Classic Colonial

By Daniella Thompson
Friday May 18, 2007

Not every house in Berkeley can boast of an illustrious resident. Fewer can boast of two. Fewer yet can demonstrate a connection between the two notables. The house at 1335 Shattuck Avenue is one of the latter. -more-

Garden Variety: There’s Still Something for Gardeners at The Gardener

By Ron Sullivan
Friday May 18, 2007

One might be forgiven for thinking otherwise, but there are things to buy at The Gardener that actually have something to do with gardens. -more-

About the House: Ask Matt: Foundation Caps

Friday May 18, 2007

Hi Matt: Enjoyed your excellent article on foundation capping.One thing that I sometimes mention to my clients is that the faulty grade problem may sometimes be solved by simply digging away the dirt and debris that has accumulated against the foundation. This of course is the most economical solution when a complete foundation replacement isn’t needed for structural reasons! Do you think this is an okay observation to make? -more-

Quake Tip of the Week

By Larry Guillot
Friday May 18, 2007

Nightmare On Elm Street? -more-

Column: The Public Eye: Reconsidering the Need for Impeachment

By Bob Burnett
Tuesday May 15, 2007

In Berkeley, it’s difficult to travel more than a few blocks without seeing an “Impeach Bush” bumper sticker. And whenever I write a column about the 43rd president, I receive e-mails suggesting that the simplest solution to America’s problems is his impeachment. Nonetheless, I’d never taken the possibility of impeachment seriously until this week when I realized I’ve had enough: I want Dubya to go down. -more-

Column: Hey Diddle Diddle and Nine Naked Barbies

By Susan Parker
Tuesday May 15, 2007

Two weeks ago I wrote a column in which I described my adventures at Fairyland with a hyperactive kindergartener. I mentioned tagging along with him as he climbed up and over the Pirate Ship. I explained that I pursued him as he rushed from Hey Diddle Diddle to the Crooked House, past the Three Little Pigs and Little Miss Muffet on his way to the Jolly Trolly, Pinocchio’s Castle, and the Owl and the Pussycat. I reluctantly followed him down Alice’s Rabbit Hole. I stated that I popped up safely within the Maze of Cards. -more-

Wild Neighbors: The Travels and Tribulations of the Hoary Bat

By Joe Eaton
Tuesday May 15, 2007

Cal Day at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) is a reliable venue for stories. Last year it was a conversation with a maybe eight-year-old naturalist about gopher snakes at the Berkeley Marina. This year I wound up talking to a young woman who was presiding over a tabletop display of dead bats. One in particularly caught my eye, a larger-than-average bat with a striking two-tone wing pattern: a hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus). -more-