By Alana M. Williams
Friday December 21, 2007

Last night, I dreamed I lost the only love I had ever known. At first, I could not breathe, then I felt my chest burst into flames and I was consumed by an inferno, the flames of jealousy, the flames of insecurity, the flames of suspicion, the fumes depleted my soul of all hope; where my heart had once been was void; a place of desolation. 

The pain was so intense I thought surely I would wither away; I could visualize the one I love slowly slipping perpetually from my world and I was absolutely devastated. I was certain everything I was experiencing was genuine, it felt so real. 

Without faith I could not determine what I was real. I didn't know that the absence of faith merely allowed reflections from my past to invade my reality, it was only an illusion the only thing which was real were my feelings. I had not physically lost anything but without faith I had lost the spiritual connection. 

The time has come when I must step out of my comfort zone; step out on faith and be willing to trust... I have to be willing to trust those whom I love; I hard to believe that they love me, no matter what; just as they say. I know there are no guarantees where love is concerned... 

The realization of my situation allowed me to awaken; though I must admit when I opened my eyes I was still quite shaken. 

I have been condition to assume in love I will always be rejected, to have my heart broken in many pieces had always been expected. 

I had to find the courage to take the venture and risk what I must; I had to finally realize loves just not worth it without TRUST.