Walking in Tilden on Tuesdays

By Bei Brown
Friday December 21, 2007

On a Tuesday morning in the usual tranquil Tilden Park, we Senior Strollers were surprised by several unusual phenomena: 

On the boardwalk going toward Jewel Lake we noticed that the regular dry boards were sopping wet, and because it hadn’t rained, why all the water? Then as we reached the shaded areas, our feet started to slide and crunch over particles of ice that had formed on the boards there. As it became warmer, the sun was melting the ice, making the walking surface of the boards extremely wet. 

Then at Jewel Lake, which at first looked placid and calm, the wind became furious, blowing down leaves and dust and made the water in the lake look like a large sheet of ice was being blown across the top surface of the lake, bringing with it thousands of leaves, with the tides left lapping at the shore. We sat for a while to watch the wind change the lake into numerous textures, and the sun came out again, making diamond sparkles in the water.  

Now on the Upper Packrat trail coming back from the lake, we were noticing, still, mushrooms poking up through leaves, on old tree stumps, hidden in the roots of some trees. In one spot a whole small village of brown mushrooms looking exactly like the ones perhaps that grow where hobbits or fairies live. Then one hillside covered with a scattering of large white mushrooms. 

The thing is, we always notice wonderful things of nature like these when we walk in the park every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., weather permitting. It’s not only good exercise for the body, but the added benefits keep our hearts warm too! If you have a mind to join us we can be reached at either 524-9992 or 215-7672.