Election Section

To Poets

By Nozomi Hayase
Friday December 21, 2007

Poets ...  

be on your duty ...  

Step up to the stage,  

Not to shine under a spotlight of the sun ...  

Creating a heroic story of domination  

Not to abuse words... to persuade  

invade ... and defend our actions 

Not to utter words ... to deceive 

to lie ... and threaten others.  


But ... 

Poets ... be on your duty.  

Step up to the stage. 

To honor the sacred space lit by the sun  

Carrying that light for liberation  

Use words ... to inspire,  

Invite and ignite your actions  

Utter words ... to give and receive  

Others, and enlighten. 


Poets ...  

Step up to the stage  

To step back 

To create a stage  

For others  

To speak 

Others to imagine. 

Be on the stage 

Become the gentle  


Shining on the shadows  

Created by the sun. 


Artists ...  


Step ... up