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Press Release: Expressions Gallery invites you to the Grand Opening of the Homelessness Art Show:
Saturday, January 25, from 6-8 PM

From Marcia Poole, Renna Flohr, Alejandro Soto-Vigil
Friday January 24, 2014 - 12:27:00 PM

The City of Berkeley co-sponsored the Homelessness Art show and contributed funds that covered the costs of art supplies from the homeless artists. Their art, as well as that of community artists, show the many aspects of homelessness. Please come and join us in the presentation of this important exhibition to the public. 

Homelessness impacts everyone. It is all around us whether we notice it or not. It's the piles of clothing and people’s belongings in our doorways; the people pushing shopping carts piled with all their worldly possessions; and those trudging along our city streets with bent shoulders and gloveless hands. Among these people are artists who never get the chance to show their work because they cannot do more than sketch their ideas in small notebooks or found cardboard. They have no materials or places to work on their art, no computers to submit work to galleries, no place to store their work, and no money for framing.  

Expressions Gallery is proud to present a show that deals with the multiple aspects of homelessness. Community artists who are touched by the lives and scenes of the homeless, along with artists who are homeless or have previously been homeless participate in this show. It is the first opportunity for some of the homeless artists to present and display their finished works in a professional gallery. Painting, photography, printmaking, digital art and sculpture are the mediums used. Craft artists who offer jewelry, scarves, hats, ceramics and more are also displayed. 

This show is unique in that it is a collaborative show that brings together community artists with local non-profit organizations whose work is to transform and improve the lives of the homeless. BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency) and St. Mary’s Center (whose goal is to transform lives and build communities) have joined with Expressions Gallery in providing work by the homeless artists in their programs. These organizations have given homeless artists access to a place to work, materials to use and assistance in the presentation and submission of their work. Funds and materials have been donated to assist the homeless artists create and frame their work for presentation. The City of Berkeley supports the exhibition and has also donated funds to make this show possible. 

Artists included in this show are: Miriam Abramowitsch , Joan Alexander, Judith Allen, Robert Z. Apte, Tiphereth Banks, Georgia Binns Bassen, Sarita Blum, (BOSS Kids: Sophie, Jonathan, Diego, Jovanni, Amber, Clintera, Joshua, Jasime, Angie, Michael, Martin, and A’shalan,) Carol Jones Brown, Gabriele Bungardt, Jackie Bunton, Janis Burger, Aaron Carter, Ron Clark, Ellen Coffey, Andrei Crandall, Attila Cziglenyi, Pedro del Norte, Carol Denney, Mary Martin DeShaw, Jan Dove, Debbie Fimrite, Rinna B. Flohr, Rozita Fogelman, Sue Mary Fox, Chandra Garsson, Evelyn Glaubman, Harriett Hache, Dwayne Hood, Stan Huncilman, Diane Jacobson, Ann Jasperson, Minal Jeswani, Larry E. Jones, Coral Lambert, Silvia Ledezma, Charles Lucke, Jennifer Wallace Mack, Patty McAfee AKA Rhinestone Patty, Qadir McCray, Teddy Milder, Doug Minkler, Maj-Britt Mobrand, Rose Moore , Malcolm Nicoll, Aphra Pia, Vicki Pierpont, Jo-Anna Pippen, Marcia Poole, Lynda A. N. Reyes, Ernest and Lois Rich, Charlene Richter, Gregory William Rick, Diego Marcial Rios, Selma Rockett, Joanna Ruckman, Sumiko Saulson, Jesse Sterling, Arlene Risi Streich, Elizabeth Teal, Gary Turchin, LaWanda Ultan, Roosevelt A. Washington and Liz Wiener. 

The Homelessness exhibit runs from January 25th – April 18, 2014 at the Expressions Art Gallery, located at 2035 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, Ca. (1/4 block from the Ashby Bart) 510-644-4930 Hours: Noon – 5 PM Wednesdays – Saturdays and Noon – 3 PM Sundays. 

The Opening Reception is Saturday evening, January 25, from 6 – 8 PM at the Expressions Gallery and will also feature local musicians and food. The reception is free to the public. Any sales or tax deductible donations will go to help support the non-profit organizations that have helped make this show possible and who have enabled these artists to use this opportunity to become recognized as local artists and create a better future for themselves through their art.