Arts & Events

New: Ben Kreith Trio: Rosenak/Josheff/Kreith
At Berkeley Arts on Friday

Monday January 27, 2014 - 11:36:00 AM

Alban Berg's trio arrangement of the Adagio from his Chamber Concerto will be played alongside music by Darius Milhaud and Peter Josheff. Also a performance of Galina Ustvolskaya's austere and uncompromising 1949 Clarinet Trio. Her controversial music has been described as "a phenomenon" (Dmitri Shostakovich), "to be approached with caution" (Alex Ross) and "kind of ugly" (Roy Harris). Here's a chance to hear for yourself! -more-

Press Release: Expressions Gallery invites you to the Grand Opening of the Homelessness Art Show:
Saturday, January 25, from 6-8 PM

From Marcia Poole, Renna Flohr, Alejandro Soto-Vigil
Friday January 24, 2014 - 12:27:00 PM

The City of Berkeley co-sponsored the Homelessness Art show and contributed funds that covered the costs of art supplies from the homeless artists. Their art, as well as that of community artists, show the many aspects of homelessness. Please come and join us in the presentation of this important exhibition to the public. -more-

Around & About Theater: Jovelyn Richards & Luisah Teish--Ín the House of the Mothers,'Sunday at La Pena

By Ken Bullock
Friday January 24, 2014 - 12:19:00 PM

African-American storyteller Jovelyn Richards, a kind of vaudevillean, & her band will be joined by Luisah Teish for "än interactive version of Mz. Pat & the Voudou Queen ... who comes to visit with a bundle of herbs & charms in her pocket." Mz. Pat's Jovelyn's ongoing alter-ego, a 30s brothel madam whose house offers sanctuary & escape from the world outside, "where love & healing are experienced through ritual theater." A rare collaboration by two original performers. One night only, this Sunday at 7, La Pena Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck (near Ashby BART). $15 -more-

Around & About The Movies: Noir City Film Noir Fest #12

By Ken Bullock
Friday January 24, 2014 - 12:18:00 PM

Noir City, the brainchild of Eddie Muller of Alameda, is back for its twelfth time around, from Friday night until a week from Sunday afternoon, with evening shows & weekend matinees (at the bargain price of $10 per double or triple feature program) on the glorious big screen at the Castro Theatre. -more-

JUDI IRANYI PHOTOGRAPHY Site Launched (First Person)

By Judi Iranyi
Friday January 24, 2014 - 01:05:00 PM

I recently launched my website -- JUDI IRANYI PHOTOGRAPHY. I hope everyone will enjoy looking at it; I encourage everyone to share the link with your friends who are interested in photography. -more-

AROUND AND ABOUT THEATER: Shadowlight's Poro Oyna,' Myth of the Aynu

By Ken Bullock
Saturday January 18, 2014 - 04:16:00 PM

The Aynu (or Ainu), indigenous people of Hokkaido, Northern Japan, and of Easternh Russia, whose culture dates back 2200 years, were only recognized as such by the Japanese Diet in 2008. Fewer than 15 native speakers of their language are alive. -more-