Public Comment

Election Day

Romila Khanna
Friday October 24, 2014 - 01:16:00 PM

November 4th is the day for us to decide about important issues facing us at home and abroad. Let us elect those who will help us regain trust in the government and its policymakers. At the present time, our basic needs are ignored in favor of conveniences for the rich. Our need for basic health care and access to education is great. Our opportunity to be heard and to participate in decision-making is zero. 

I am urging people to cast their vote for real change. I would like to elect representatives who would care for all, but especially for low-income individuals and for low-income families. I would like representatives to assist the poor towards health care and towards training in job generating skills. We all strive for a better life, for better communities and for good fortune. By good fortune I mean improvement in our status in society. Real change will happen only if we become independent of the party line and elect a representative who has empathy for all. Let us think very carefully before we cast our votes on November 4, 2014.