Public Comment

America becoming great again?

Romila Khanna
Friday May 26, 2017 - 11:44:00 AM

Are you happy to see America becoming great again? American history is changing. By changing the system in congress to get the required number of votes, by keeping everything secret, by killing the spirit of journalism, by depriving poor, sick and old from a chance to get their needs met, by giving the lion’s share to his own family and friends, President Donald Trump is keeping his promise to the voters. 

All his Hundred Days agenda, announcements and unthinkable doings, with the help of like-minded members of his Cabinet, reflect a greediness and the desire to hold their post. They forget that they are holding public office to make policies to help the public. But in reality they are trying to destroy the foundations of democracy.  

President Donald Trump is making America great again by taking from the poor, needy children and others of all of different ages. His motive seems to be to just keep the billionaires thriving in their dishonest work on the backs of the most vulnerable amongst us. Regardless of what he believes in, he is not paying any heed to the woes and cries of millions who have nothing to fall back on and who must select the health insurance with little choice. It seems like a joke to me. I wonder where the millions will go to take shelter. Where will they get the best of healthcare, the best of education and enjoy the quality of life? I really thought that moneyed people are generous towards the poor and needy, and create those situations where the poor and sick, young and old, get the opportunity to improve their lives, and learn new ways to help themselves and the community.  

Can our Top Leader of the country provide free housing to all those who don’t own their homes or lack the ability to pay sky-high rents? 

The time is now for all community members to take a pledge to help others before they help themselves and their families and friends, and bring back life in this dying democracy.